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World Gathering of MacIntyres ticket sales are open!


I am so excited to announce that the detailed descriptions for the events are ready for your perusal, and the ticket sales are now open. This is the result of a lot of work from Penny McIntire and from myself in setting up the website, writing event descriptions, working out prices, and testing the payment (and refund) process.

You need to be registered for the Gathering in order to buy tickets to events. When you pay for registration, you will be emailed a username and password, which you can use to log in and start adding events to your cart.

However, tickets for most events are limited, and some are VERY limited, so I would recommend choosing your activities as soon as possible. If an event or tour is sold out, please email and ask to be added to the relevant waitlist. If someone cancels their tickets we’ll offer you the space, or if there are enough people on the waitlist for a tour we’ll look at adding another bus.

Just a note about the shuttle buses and transport:
The Ceilidhs, the Taynuilt Highland Games, and the MacIntyres at Glenoe require separate registration for your shuttle bus and boat transport. This is to allow fine-grained choices of which parts suit you best.

Having said that, I would strongly encourage you to use the shuttle bus where possible, as it will reduce congestion on the roads, it will allow you to have a little tipple of your choice at the events, and the more people use the bus the more cost effective it will be to run the service.

This means if you want to attend the ceilidh and you also want the shuttle bus from Oban, you need to add the ceilidh ticket (£5) AND the shuttle bus (£10) to your cart.
If you are driving and don’t need the bus, just buy a ticket to the ceilidh (£5).

The MacIntyres at Glenoe day has several parts:
1. Shuttle bus from Oban to Taynuilt Pier (£10)
2. Boat from Taynuilt Pier to Glenoe (£20)
3. Ceremony at the Cairn (£0 – free)
4. Hog roast (£35)

So if you want to take the bus to the boat, and the boat to Glenoe, and you want to stay for hog roast, you need to add all four components to your cart.

If you want to hike into and out of Glenoe, and you don’t want lunch, you only need to add the Ceremony at the Cairn to your cart.

If you want to hike into Glenoe and and you do want lunch, you need to add the Ceremony at the Cairn to your cart AND the hog roast to your cart.

And a note about the tours:
There may be some changes to the tours, to the stops, and to what is provided/included on the tours. We will have a better idea of the timings and inclusions when we see how many people register.

All buses will leave from and return to the Argyllshire Gathering Halls in Oban. There will be no intermediate stops. The Halls will be the “mustering point” for all the tours and shuttles.

And one very important note about cutoff dates and tickets:
A few tickets are currently reserved for youth and children. If these are not sold we can release those to the adults later. I will close registrations and ticket sales on 10 May, and this is the last date for refunds. On 11 May we can re-allocate unsold youth/child tickets to the adults, and reopen the second round of registrations during May. The last date for taking registrations or ticket sales of any kind will be 31 May. That will give us 6 weeks to plan with definite numbers!

One final note about very young children:
If you are bringing a baby or infant to an event please email to receive a coupon for discounted registration or an event ticket.