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Call for Volunteers

Hello Clan!

If you’re looking forward to the Gathering next year, you’ll be happy to know there are a bunch of jobs I need help with! Yay! How exciting! Some of these will require a little bit of work and communication in the organisation phase over the next 4-6 months. You will then be the point of contact at the actual Gathering. I’ve briefly outlined the roles below: hopefully you see something that clicks 😁 Please email to volunteer.

In all cases I will work with you to get the resources and contacts you need in order to take on these roles. In most cases I will have already done most of the work, made the contacts, made decisions, worked out payments, schedules, timings, etc. You won’t have to do it all yourself. I just can’t physically be the contact person and be completely responsible for everything on this list at all times or you’ll find me curled up in the foetal position by (or before) the first day of the Gathering.

These roles do not require any particular skills or expertise, just a willingness to pitch in, give it a red hot go, and be part of the MacIntyre Gathering Dream Team. Where there is a name in bold, we have a coordinator; “open” in red means we need help.

Bus Tour Coordinator: Tim McIntyre
Tim will take the lead on the bus tours. You will liaise with the bus company, confirming the route for the bus tours, managing registrations, communicating with attendees, managing tour volunteers (I hope that each bus will have a volunteer on board to check the registration list and make sure everyone is taken care of). I will book the busesd and work with you on the route for the tour.

Welcome Reception Coordinator:  Sarah McIntyre Spruill 
Someone to take lead on the welcome reception and make sure the first night of the Gathering goes off with a bang. This includes liaising with the venue, ensuring it’s set up on the night, finalising the menu, managing the schedule, liaising with performers, the MC, communicating with attendees. I will book the venue, arrange the menu, work with you to produce a to-do list for the evening.

Banquet Coordinator: Jane McIntyre Nichols
Someone to take lead on the banquet, which is the formal event of the Gathering. This includes liaising with the venue, ensuring it’s set up on the night, finalising the menu, managing the schedule. Liaising with performers, the MC, communicating with attendees. I will book the venue, arrange the menu, work with you to produce a to-do list for the banquet, etc.

Taynuilt Highland Games Day Coordinator: Lord Andrew Gray 
This includes liaising with the Highland Games committee, organising the parade of MacIntyres onto the Games field, organising entrance to the Games, arranging arrival times with Shuttle Bus Coordinator (Tim McIntyre).

Taynuilt Highland Games After Party Coordinator: open
This includes liaising with the custodians of the Village Hall, organising drinks and a BBQ, coordinating volunteers who will check registrations, organising the entertainers, managing the schedule, liaising with the MC.

Shuttle Bus Coordinator: Tim McIntyre 
This will include managing the schedule and comings and goings of the shuttle bus to make sure it gets people to and from the boat tours on the Wednesday, and to the hikes to the Stone of the White Calf on Thursday and Friday. It will also mean managing the shuttle bus for coming and going between Oban and Taynuilt on the Saturday of the Taynuilt Highland Games. We will also use a shuttle bus to get people to boats or to a starting point for hiking on the Sunday out to Glenoe.

Boat Coordinator: Ronnie Campbell
Ronnie will ensure we have sufficient boats on Wednesday for our tours, and then again on the Sunday to travel to Glenoe.

Cultural Program Coordinator: open
This includes setting up the Halls prior to each session, managing the schedule, checking registrations, and liaising with presenters.

Base Camp Coordinator: Catherine McIntyre
This person will coordinate the base camp area (which will be in Argyllshire Gathering Halls), which will essentially be the beating heart of communications and a central mustering/meeting point for the entire Gathering. Duties include managing the registration desk volunteers, ensuring tea and coffee is available, giving information where information is available, and finding the right people when information is not available. You will also coordinate the collateral we need for the Base Camp, including lanyards, maps, wristbands, registration tickets for events etc.

Glenoe Day Coordinator: open
This includes managing the registrations so you knowing who is getting to Glenoe and how they will arrive on the day (by boat, on foot, etc). You will liaise with the MC on the program of events, and with the performers regarding the schedule. You will also liaise with the BBQ caterers about numbers, menu etc. You will be in contact with both Tim McIntyre regarding shuttle buses and with Ronnie Campbell regarding boat transfers.

Expedition Coordinator: Colin McIntyre
Colin will oversee the registrations for the hike to the Stone of the White Calf, communicate with participants prior to the hike, check attendance before embarking on the hike, and lead hikers up to the Stone, while regaling them with history and lore.

Ceilidh Coordinator: Moira Dunlop
Moira will coordinate a MacIntyre specific ceilidh in Taynuilt on Wednesday night, and will coordinate our attendance at the regular Taynuilt ceilidh on Thursday night. She will manage the program, the performers, and refreshments.

Registrations Coordinator: Katie Macintyre
Katie will keep all the registrations under control, keep a close check on how many people we have registered for each event, make sure we don’t exceed capacity, and ensure that every person going to each event signs a waiver form. You will liaise closely with Base Camp Coordinator and Health and Safety Coordinator.

Health and Safety Coordinator: Cass Wright
You will keep an eye on health and safety issues. You will be given all the information you need for this role after being briefed by our risk assessment consultants and insurance providers. Ideally you might have some sort of first aid training and would coordinate our volunteer first aid officers during the Gathering. You will double check with the Registrations Coordinator that everyone has signed a liability waiver form for each event.

Photography Coordinator: open
You will take photos at events in order to produce a coffee table book for the Trust (which we will make available as a pre-order through the Gathering website), and for our use on the website. This would be an opportunity for a photographer to add to their portfolio with the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, as well as the diversity of our activities and settings (indoor, outdoor, portrait, group, individual, action, posed, etc).

Videography Coordinator: open
You will film participation at events, interview attendees from around the world, and, if your skills permit, compile a commemorative DVD for the Trust (which we will make available as a pre-order through the Gathering website). This would be an opportunity for a videographer to add to their portfolio with the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, as well as the diversity of our activities and settings. It would also be interesting to interview attendees about their story, their background, and what led them to the Gathering.

Public Relations Coordinator: open
You will coordinate a PR campaign that will promote the Gathering, the Trust, liaise with local newspaper, radio, media. Post to social media, post to the website, perhaps organise a live stream of the day at Glenoe or an ongoing Skype call at the Argyllshire Gathering Hall.

Graphic Design Coordinator: open
You will produce the official souvenir program and design our banners for use at the Gathering.

Perle Coordinator: open
You will liaise with people staying in the Perle, making sure everyone who has booked a room has a room, and all is in order. You will also liaise with functions manager about our dinner on Thursday night.

DNA/Family Group Reunion Coordinator: Valerie Bichener
Valerie will organise the family groups and their reunions. This will involve making connections in the lead up to the Gathering, then grouping people by ancestors and allocating tables at the Family Reunion event prior to the welcome reception.

Finance Coordinator: Nicole Cyr
Nicole will manage the Gathering finances, keeping a close eye on the debits and credits, and prepare financial reports for the auditor at the end.

Website Coordinator: Penny McIntire
Update and debug Gathering and Trust websites as necessary.

Other Volunteers:
In addition to these coordinators, we will need several volunteers to assist at the actual events. If you don’t want the responsibility of being a coordinator but still want to help out, I’d love to hear from you! For example, I will need the following:

  • Tour bus ushers: open. Check people onto and off the tour buses, make sure we don’t leave anyone behind.
  • First aid officers: open. A volunteer network of trained first aiders so we know who to contact “in the unlikely event of an incident.”
  • Base camp receptionists: open. Check registrations, hand out registration packs, stock up tea and coffee station, and help anyone who needs help.
  • Event ushers: open. At every event, we need people to check registrations and lists, welcome people to the event, ensure they are seated, take tickets, etc.
  • Set up and break down: open. On Monday 16 July we’ll need people to help set up tables, displays, put together the participant welcome packs etc. On Sunday 22 or Monday 23 July, we’ll need people to help break it all down again!